8+ Color

• UV delivery • Preset Delivery • Heidelberg foil package, special equipment • Autoplate: semi-automatic plate change system • S/W Press Center Instant Gate • S/W Press Center Instant Start • Mkit Prepress Interface 4.1 • NO coating unit • coating unit rebuilt for die cutting • CP 2000 • 5 UV-interdeck drying between units: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 • Non-stop feeder • ink-roller wash device managed from console • blanket wash-up device • wash device for impression cylinders • ultrasonic double sheet control • Alcolor Automatic film dampening • Prinect Press Center • AlcoSmart • ink line - ink metering & supply system • ink unit temperature control Combi Star CAN • UV dryer IST • anti-static device • electronical pull lay control • central air supply in box, noise-protected AirStar • ink agitators • non-stop delivery • chromed cylinders • Microphone communication • sheet decurler • sheet slow-down device • Technotrans cooling, metering unit • extended delivery • StaticStar • CleanStar • high-pile delivery • preset-feeder
Prinect Print Center – Master level Instant Gate Prinect Inpress Control Wallscreen Preset Plus Feeder Preset Plus Delivery Autoplate XL Alcolor Vario Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink roller wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression Cylinder Wash Perfect jacket CombiStar CAN cabinet Clean Star Anilox Coater I/R Dryer + Hot air Dry Star Advanced Powder Star AP-500 Duo Extended delivery X3
- Autoplate - Alcosmart - Anilox roller - Automatic Roller Wash Up System - Axis Control - Chambered-doctor-blade-system - Chromed blanket cylinders - Clean Star - Combistar - DryStar - Preset plus delivery - StaticStar - Suction Brush - Weko AP 500 powder spray - Oscillating Rollers Remote Controlled / Zero Option - UPS For Prinect Press Center - Pre-loading device mounted to the feeder - Preset Plus feeder
CP 2000 Perfecting 5/5 or 10/0 Wall screen Image Control AirStar ScrollStar Preset + feeder Eltex antistatic Autoplate Alcolor+CombiStar CAN Ink Temperature Control Automated washer PowderStar Duo Plus CAN CleanStar Preset + delivery
Prinect Print Center Console Alcolor Vario Dampening Autoplate Preset Plus Feeder Preset Plus Delivery Autoregister Dedicated Coating Unit After 6th Unit InPress Control WALLSCREEN INKLINE SYSTEM UV-Prepped CUTSTAR-Prepped X3 Module Delivery Intercom Anilox Roller Chamber Doctor Coating Units CleanStar Non-stop Feeder and Delivery with Rake AirStar Cool - Water Cooled Machine Weko Powder Spray All Standard Features and Accessories
UPS for Prinect Press center Preloading device mounted to feeder AutoPlate Plus eight units Chromium plated blanket cylinder per unit Remote Oscillator Phasing/zero Oscillation Option per unit Auto ink roller wash-up device eight color PowderStar AP 500 Duo CleanStar compact for all deliverys StaticStar compact for plus feeder and plus delivery Oil Drip trays nine units Suction brush roller CombiStar With AlcoSmart Ink unit temp control 8 color air cooled Preset plus delivery version X2 perfecting and coating from 8 color Dynamic sheet brake DryStar combination 1 x IR/ hot air, 1 x hot air, 1 x Ambient air cooled AxisControl Chamber doctor blade system Additional Anilox roller 10cm³/m²